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Vaginal Tighteners

Vaginal Tighteners are designed for anyone who wants to temporarily shrink the space inside the vagina and to increase sensation and friction during penetration.


Why should you try a vaginal tightener?

  • Just for fun! Experiment to see if there’s more friction.
  • After childbirth – Sometimes the pelvic floor muscles don’t fully contract back to normal and she is not as tight as she used to be.
  • During or after menopause – Loss of estrogen decreases “plumpness” of vaginal tissue, sometimes making penetration uncomfortable or reducing friction.
  • When you create excessive personal moisture – Shrink products do not decrease lubrication, but the tighter space might help people feel more friction.


What do they feel like?

Many do not create a sensation, but some feel a little warm and tingly at the beginning.


What if someone tries it and it has no effect?

Try a different brand. Each product uses different ingredients and a different recipe of ingredients. Since people have different chemistry, one brand may work better than another. Experiment!


If a woman needs this, does it mean that she is sexually over experienced?

No! No matter how much experience a woman has, she could benefit from vaginal tighteners.


How long does the effect last?

All vaginal tighteners produce temporary results varying between a few hours to over 24 hours. It depends on the woman’s personal chemistry, how the formula works with her body, and how much product she uses.


What if you want long term results?

Exercise the pelvic floor muscles with kegel exercisers! Tight pelvic floor muscles can help women tighten themselves around their partner or a toy during penetration and feel more friction.

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