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Bath and Body

At My Secret Luxury, we make your pleasure our number one priority, which is why we offer only the finest items for your bath and body available online. From enema bulbs for cleaning the vagina or anus to the gentlest feminine hygiene wash made with essential oils, you won’t find better products for intimacy. At My Secret Luxury, we understand that feeling good about your body and your skin helps you feel more confident when in a sexual encounter with your lover. Products that make you feel clean, refreshed, and softer are available online with sex accessories at My Secret Luxury. Check out our line of Bath and Body products and get yours today!

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When you feel silky smooth, you want to be touched. At My Secret Luxury, we feature an intimate shave cream that not only makes your skin feel supple and sleek, but also promotes softer hair growth. Full of natural moisturizers and rich emollients, this shave cream is perfect for those sensitive areas. If you’re not feeling as fresh as you would like, we offer biodegradable feminine wipes made with botanical extracts that are paraben-free and vegan. Maybe you would like an intimate cleaner that combines aloe vera, and botanicals to combat vaginal dryness, helping to restore pH levels and vaginal lubrication. These are just a few of the bath and body products we offer at My Secret Luxury online. Find your favorite items and pamper yourself!

Get Quality Bath & Body Products To Help With Intercourse Discomfort

Painful intercourse is much more commonplace than you might imagine, and it can affect how you feel about yourself and your sex life. You may experience painful intercourse if you have endometriosis, are experiencing menopause, or have post-partem discomfort, or a variety of other reasons. At My Secret Luxury, we want you to feel good about sex, so we offer an adjustable, comfortable compression ring that allows your partner deep penetration without causing you pain. If you are experiencing discomfort during intercourse, you owe it to yourself to explore the quality products available for bath and body at My Secret Luxury. We can help, you can also buy condoms and dental dams with MSL! Try our popular product – the Cum Sponge.

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