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Flavored Lubricants

Mmmm, flavored lubricants. What can make a sexual encounter even more fun? Involving all your senses–touching, smelling, hearing, seeing and of course, tasting. At My Secret Luxury, we offer the very best flavored lubricants that not only feel good, they taste good! Put your senses into overdrive–sample the delicious flavored lubricants available online at My Secret Luxury.

Choose Your Pick – We Have Over 15 Flavored Lubes To Choose From

What’s your favorite flavor?  Are you a fan of cherry vanilla? Maybe you prefer pina colada or a fruity strawberry pomegranate? You could indulge in chocolate mint or naughty nectarine–or any number of delicious flavors–when you try the flavored lubricants offered by My Secret Luxury. Perfect for an oral sex encounter, our featured flavored lubes can be found in a variety of delightful, lickable flavors. Why not try them all?

Adding a flavored lubricant to your oral sex encounters can make them super fun–and tasty! With over 15 mouthwatering flavors to choose from at My Secret Luxury, you’re sure to find a favorite! We offer several different brand name lubricants from Intimate Earth, Wicked Aqua, and Sliquid Swirl. All are water-based, paraben-free, and have long-lasting taste. Sweetened with aspartame, Stevia, or saccharine for just a hint of sweetness, these light, silky, delectable flavors leave no aftertaste. Give your oral sex encounters a new wrinkle–invite a flavored lubricant to the party and watch the fun begin! We also offer oral sex aids and warming lubes of all kinds.

Shop Flavored Lubricants Online From MSL

A flavored lubricant doesn’t just have to be for oral sex–you can use it on any body part for an enticing evening of foreplay and fornication. Play games like “guess the flavor” to add a little something to your regular routine, or drizzle it across your lover’s body for a lickable sensation. However you use your flavored lubricant, make sure you get yours from My Secret Luxury online. We’ll discreetly send you all the tastiness you can handle!

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