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Do you have a preference when it comes to the lube you use during sex? Many people have their personal favorites but since there are so many different types available, it may be difficult to narrow it down to a favorite. However, an oil-based lubricant is a good option because it can be used for a variety of reasons, from sex acts to a sensual massage. The oil-based lubricants offered online at My Secret Luxury are long-lasting, feel great, and are hydrating to your skin. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get lubing from our collection of lubes!

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Besides the ultimate pleasure you’ll derive from using an oil-based lubricant, you’ll find that the products offered by My Secret Luxury contain only the finest ingredients. These oil-based lubes are designed to nourish the skin and are hypoallergenic, and free from parabens, dyes, and fragrances. You’ll find plant-based oil lubes containing items like vitamin E compounds, coconut oil, and shea butter–organic, edible ingredients. Looking to save the planet? Start with your lube!

So, why use an oil-based lubricant from My Secret Luxury? Not only are they pure and plant-based, good for your skin, and offer natural, antibacterial properties, but can also help protect delicate vaginal and anal tissue. Use it for a sexy massage, (with or without a “happy ending”), for masturbation, or for intercourse. A word of caution when using an oil-based lubricant–it’s not compatible with latex condoms, latex sex toys, and latex diaphragms, and will cause these items to decompose! When relying on latex, opt for something other than oil to get your motor running.

Select From A Wide Range Of Flavors & Options

Purchase your favorite oil-based lubricant from My Secret Luxury, where you will always find descriptions, ingredients, pictures, and even videos of the products we feature. Need it discreetly shipped? We’ll send your lubricant–and any other fun items you select online at My Secret Luxury–directly to you in a nondescript package. Try all the sex toys, bondage items, and lubes you’ve always wanted to try–all sent directly to you, all in the privacy of your home! You can also choose from water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes and hybrid lubes at MSL.

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