Hybrid Water and Silicone Lubricants

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Hybrid Water and Silicone Lubricants

Let’s face it; there are a lot of different lubricants for a variety of sex acts. How do you know which one is best if you are into anal sex, vaginal sex, oral sex, or masturbation? Much of it has to do with personal preference, but there are benefits to knowing the type of lube you have and if it meshes well with what you want to accomplish in the bedroom.

At My Secret Luxury, we offer many kinds of lubricants, including hybrid water and silicone lubricants–the best of both worlds! Lubricants that are water-based and water-soluble are easy to clean while the added silicone provides an extra smooth glide and longevity to your session. Who doesn’t love easy clean up after an extended sexual encounter? We also offer silicone lubes and water lubes separately.

Hybrid Lubricants Are Better For Sensitive Skin

My Secret Luxury features only the finest hybrid water and silicone lubricants for your sexual play. Many of the lubes are long-lasting, easy to clean, made from purified water and silicone, and free of nasty parabens. They’re great with condoms or with certain sex toys, because the lube reduces friction. Find all the hybrid water and silicone lubricant options at My Secret Luxury and buy your favorite today!

Have a sensitive vagina? Maybe you are experiencing menopause and have vaginal dryness, or medication is causing you to lose your natural lubricant. A hybrid water and silicone lubricant provides a silky, wet feeling, but will not cause urinary tract infections or yeast infections. A hybrid lubricant is also pH-balanced, hypoallergenic, and vegan-friendly. We offer a gentle hybrid lubricant that is ideal for delicate, sensitive skin, and is extra-hydrating.

Silicone Lubricants Come In A Variety Of Flavors & Features

Did you know it only takes a few drops of a luxury silicone lubricant to provide hours of fun? Whether you’re enjoying intercourse, water play, or solo love, a silicone lubricant will liven up any encounter. Don’t use your silicone lubricant with a silicone sex toy, however; the lubricant can penetrate the toy, breaking it down over time.

One of the best things about the silicone lubricants available on My Secret Luxury is the variety. Like your lube with fragrance? Prefer non-scented? Want a long-lasting, waterproof, lube for sex play in the shower? Want a silicone lube that is formulated to be sensitive, and that won’t cause UTI’s or yeast infections? Look no further–we have what you want and need at My Secret Luxury. If you want oil based lube, or water based lube and hybrid water and silicone lubes, we have them all as well.

Silicone Lubricants Are Even Good As Massage Oils!

In addition to providing comfort and ease during sexual encounters, you can also use some silicone lubricants as blissful massage oil. We feature a luxury silicone lubricant that is safe to use with latex, but is also odorless, tasteless, and won’t get absorbed into the skin. Up your massage game–pick up some silicone lubricant online from My Secret Luxury. Some of our popular products include the Uberlube Silicone Lube. and you can use it while using anal toys like the Njoy Butt Plug.

The Best Of Both Worlds – Buy Water & Silicone Hybrid Lubricants Online

If anal sex is part of your sexual routine, you want a hybrid water and silicone lubricant from My Secret Luxury. A hybrid can help to prevent a latex condom from breaking while also offering protection against micro cuts in the anal cavity. You can find a the best hybrid lube in a gel for added cushion and pleasure, or one that is smooth, rich, and creamy, leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated.

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