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Get Your Massage Candles & Massage Oils Online From MSL

Set the tone for your next romantic interlude with fragrant massage candles and massage oils from My Secret Luxury! In addition to our sexy pheromone candles, we feature other candles with enticing scents that melt down into usable massage oils. These candles, made from soy, olive, and coconut oils, hydrate and soften your skin when used as massage oils. Try invigorating Passion Flower, or warm, sensual Seduction and turn a regular Tuesday into a night neither of you will soon forget and other pheromone products! Get your massage candles online at My Secret Luxury today.

Pick From A Range Of Edible & Flavored Massage Oils

Need a massage oil with a little pick-me-up? Try our caffeine-infused massage oil that is absorbed by your skin for a moisturizing kick of comfort. It’s all natural, unscented, and has a rich, silky consistency, perfect for an all-over massage. Treat you and your partner to a foreplay favorite and buy some massage oil online at My Secret Luxury.

Who doesn’t love a sample pack, especially when it contains massage oils? Small enough to slip into your purse or luggage but potent enough to pack a punch, this trio of massage oils are edible and 100 percent vegan. You’ll get an Indian Spice, Caribbean Rose, and Origins sample, all made with organic and all natural essential oils. Pick up your sample package of massage oils at My Secret Luxury. You can also include a Pheromone Oil in your purchase.

Get Some Of The Best Massage Candle Smells!

What makes a great massage oil? It can be any number of things, from the organic botanical ingredients and essential oils to the delicious smells and flavors. At My Secret Luxury, we feature a variety of quality massage oils and gels, sure to please you and your lover. Purchase your favorites online at My Secret Luxury and get ready to relax!

It’s always a good idea to have some massage oil on hand, just in case…Why not stock up on all the varieties, like Honey Almond, Chai Vanilla, and Hot Buttered Rum? Be ready for an intimate evening when you purchase massage candles and massage oils from My Secret Luxury.

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To enjoy your massage candle:

  • Light your candle for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Blow out the candle when the top has melted evenly. 
  • Let the oil cool for 5 minutes.
  • Pour out the oil into a bowl or heat-safe container.
  • Test the temperature of the oil and massage your partner’s body gently.

Massage candles melt into an oil that can be used to massage your partner to create intimacy or enhance foreplay. They are often made from soy wax, jojoba oil, coconut oil, or almond oil, all of which melt at a low heat. These candles are a perfect choice for a relaxing massage and intimate atmosphere.

My Secret Luxury, a top online seller of adult products and sex toys, is the perfect place for you to buy massage candles. We provide candles with enticing scents that melt down into massage oil. We also provide our customers with:

  • Free shipping on orders over $200
  • No hidden charges 
  • 100% private shipping 
  • Secure, private checkout 
  • High-quality, body-safe products
  • Information content about each product

Here, we’ve listed some massage candles that are also lubricants: 

You can get massage oil candles from My Secret Luxury, an online store that sells sex toys and adult products. We sell all-natural, scented, and unscented massage candles to suit your preferences. They melt down into a silky, rich massage oil.  Our quality massage oil candles include organic, botanical ingredients and essential oils for relaxing aromatherapy.

You can buy massage oil at My Secret Luxury, a leading online sex toys and adult product store. Our massage oils are infused with organic extracts and botanicals, so your skin and senses can enjoy exciting scents and amazing organic ingredients.

Some oils that are suitable for massage:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Coconut Oil 
  • Argan oil