Water Based Lubricants

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Water Based Lubricants

Besides the right partner, and an exciting sex toy, what else do you need for a night of awesome sex? Depending upon the quality sex toy you choose, it is important to select the right lubricant. At My Secret Luxury, we feature a plethora of water-based lubricants for you to pair with your special toy or special person. With so many options at so many affordable prices, you can buy several from our collection of lubes and oils to try.

Buy Water Based Lubricants Online

You want a water-based lube that is gentle and not sticky or tacky; one that is designed to feel like the body’s natural lubricant. Your emollient should be long-lasting and great to use with toys, condoms, and your sexual partner. The water-based lubricants offered online by My Secret Luxury reduce friction, and enhance a smooth, easy glide. Don’t discount the importance of an excellent water-based lubricant; it’s an essential part of good sexual health. Find your favorite water-based lubricant online at My Secret Luxury. We also offer oil-based, silicone-based lubes, and hybrid lubes for purchase.

Conquer Vaginal Dryness With Water Based Lubricants

If you suffer from vaginal dryness, you are not alone. Many women lose natural wetness due to medication, aging, anxiety, as well as other reasons. A water-based lubricant is crucial, especially if you are experiencing vaginal dryness, so you can resume normal sexual activity and not risk injury. Check out our extensive line of water-based lubricants at My Secret Luxury and never be dry again!

We Offer The Highest Quality Vaginal Lubes

Your sexual health is paramount; it’s important to use a water-based lubricant with the right ingredients to keep you healthy. Many of the lubes sold by My Secret Luxury are vegan, paraben free, glycerin free, with aloe and organic botanical extracts. Several of the lubes are fragrance free, and some are infused with flavors like vanilla and lemon. So many options–so much fun to be had! Grab your quality and affordable water-based lubricant from My Secret Luxury and get started!

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