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Ball Stretchers & Stimulators For Men

It’s no surprise that a man’s testicles are super sensitive–that’s why they are a major erogenous zone. Did you know there’s a way to increase that sensitivity, and make it pleasurable for your partner, as well? My Secret Luxury has various Ball Stretchers and Stimulators for men online, that provide a tantalizing sensation–a pleasant tug and weighted feeling on your testicles, resulting in larger erections and prolonged orgasms. Your partner benefits, too, because, during penetration, your partner feels your weighted scrotum with every sensual thrust. Order your Ball Stretcher and Stimulator online from various sex toys for men at My Secret Luxury and you and your partner can really have a ball!

Choose The Right Ball Stretchers & Stimulators For Longer Love Making!

If you enjoy the sensation of your testicles rubbing against your thighs during sex or masturbation, then a ball stretcher can help you elongate your scrotum. Your orgasms may last longer because when your testicles are stretched, the nerves in your scrotum feel more, making them extra sensitive, and your orgasm stronger and longer. As your testicles are stretched longer and longer, your semen has to travel further before you ejaculate–the longer the travel, the longer the pleasure!

Like the look of a long, hanging set of testicles? It’s a sexy sight, one you can achieve by using a ball stretchers from My Secret Luxury.  In addition to fetish play, a ball stretcher can be worn all day, under your clothing, to gently tug your testicles–a secret tease to entice you. Not only will you love the feeling of a ball stretcher on your genitals, but you’ll love the look of your elongated scrotum. Try a Ball Stretcher from My Secret Luxury and you’ll never look back! We also offer prostate massagers.

Shop Penis Rings & Ball Stretchers For Maximum Pleasure

You’ll be a fan of an all-in-one penis ring and combination ball stretcher! With the tight fit around your penis and the gentle pull on your balls, you will get the best of both in one item! Or pick the ball stretcher kit which features two different sized stretchers–start with one and as you advance in your scrotum play, add the other one to further your sac’s extension. Find them all online at My Secret Luxury, the discerning man’s choice for Ball Stretchers and Stimulators like our popular product – Perfect Fit Bull Bag Ball Stretcher and Balldo Ball Set.

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