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We Offer Varieties Of Oral Sex Toys For Men

There’s no sensation quite like the feeling of oral sex, but when the real experience isn’t available, an amazing oral sex toy from My Secret Luxury can certainly fill the void! We offer a variety of oral sex toys online for you to peruse—showcasing each product’s special features and price. Interested in something that can be handheld and encases you in silicone softness that feels like a silky mouth? Or a toy that is disposable, egg-shaped, with an easily penetrable elastomer sleeve that can be used for masturbation or used with your partner during the oral sex act? Maybe you’d prefer a masturbation sleeve with a vacuum seal, rippled, textured silicone sides, and pressure pads that create eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head suction…you want it, we’ve got it. See all of our Oral Sex toys for men online and buy a few to try!

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If you want a more intense orgasm from oral sex—and really, who doesn’t—then you will definitely want to try an open-ended masturbation gripper, sleeve, or stroker. Designed to snugly encase your penis, your partner is still able to access the end of your penis through the other hole, taking your oral sex experience up a few notches! Many of the oral sex toys we feature are made of waterproof, easy-care silicone or thermoplastic elastomers for fun shower play. Want one that vibrates or glows in the dark? Sure, we have that, too. Find your favorite oral sex toy for men online and experience a new thrill!

Our Oral Sex Toys Are Realistic & Intensely Stimulating

You want suction, just like from oral sex? At My Secret Luxury, we showcase an oral sex toy that not only simulates sucking, but warmth, vibration, and squeezing action, too. With a soft, stretchy interior, three speeds, three squeezing modes, and five vibration patterns, it’s a party every day. Or you can try the BJ machine, with random, unpredictable suction modes for a realistic feeling every time! My Secret Luxury also features the most advanced air stroker and masturbator that intensely stimulates the nerve endings in the tip of your penis using only pulsating airwaves to simulate sucking and massaging motions. You’ve never felt anything like it!

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