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Keeping your sex toys clean and in good repair is key to maintaining your health and to extending the life of your toys. That’s why properly storing your sex toys is so important and why at My Secret Luxury, we make sex toy storage easy, discreet, and stylish! Protect your sex toys, lubricants, and various accessories, in a sexy, velvet box secured with a numeric padlock. Or try carrying your sex toys in a specialized antibacterial sack that safeguards your toys against fungus and bacteria. Give yourself peace of mind and make sure your toys are protected; find your perfect sex toy storage container online with sex accessories collection at My Secret Luxury.

Safe & Discreet Storage

When you were a kid, you probably had a toy chest for all your favorite playthings. As an adult, you should also have a special place for your grown-up toys. Whether you own a single sex toy or a plentiful plethora of playthings, you can keep them organized, and free from dirt, dust, and debris. At My Secret Luxury, we offer some great options to store your adult toys. Want something for several toys that is dishwasher safe, discreet-looking, and even has an opening for a USB/AC charger? Maybe you’d like a smaller container that features UV light to sanitize your toys while they are not in use, or a simple, sophisticated pouch with a stain-resistant liner?  However you picture your adult toy chest, My Secret Luxury can give you what you need. Look over your options online at My Secret Luxury and also buy a sex toy cleaner.

Easily Hide Your Sex Toys With Private Sex Toy Storage Kits

Tired of hiding your dildo from prying eyes? Invest in a sex toy storage case, bag, box, or pouch and keep your private items just that–private. No one needs to know what goes on behind your closed doors and keeping your favorite sex toys your own…”secret luxury”… is as easy as purchasing an inconspicuous container made just for sex toys. Where can you find such items? Why, My Secret Luxury online, of course! Try our popular products – Warm Sex Toy Heating Device and Lockable Sex Toy Storage Box.

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