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Pheromone Releasing Products

Interested in knowing the secret to sexual chemistry? Here’s a not-so-subtle hint:  it’s pheromones! These pheromones are chemical compounds that are secreted outside the body, like in sweat, and short-acting release pheromones cause instant reactions, like attraction to a mate. Set the mood you want with a pheromone candle, where as the candle melts, it liquifies into a massage oil for you and your partner. Available in a variety of scents, it is the perfect way to involve all your body’s senses in your sexy time. You can find the pheromone candles and other pheromone releasing products online from our collection of lubes and oils at My Secret Luxury.

We Offer A Range Of Pheromone Fragrances

You wear cologne or perfume to smell nice–why not wear your own special scent, one made specifically for attraction? A pheromone perfume or perfume oil can enhance attraction for everyone, blending with your body’s natural pH and increasing your pheromone production. Made with the finest ingredients to complement your natural body chemistry, these pheromone products can increase your sex appeal. View all the pheromone fragrances online at My Secret Luxury.

Purchase Best Pheromone Enhancers Online At MSL

Want to feel more attractive? Let your pheromones give you a confidence boost. My Secret Luxury features a roll-on, unisex formula of attractant that can be worn alone or with a perfume or cologne. It’s a combination of fresh scents that smells different on each person when it mixes with their own pheromones, resulting in an intriguing unique scent. Find your key to sexual attraction–buy your pheromone enhancers online at My Secret Luxury. We also offer massage oils and candles.

By using the pheromone body mist found at My Secret Luxury, you can not only send out your enchanting pheromone scent to others, but also nourish and hydrate your skin, as well. Infused with pheromones and essential oils, your body will smell fabulous and feel soft, supple, and inviting. Spray the pheromone body mist or add some to your bath for sensuously soft skin coupled with a sexually attractive odor that is uniquely yours. It’s online at My Secret Luxury. One of our popular products includes the Pure Instinct Roll On Pheromone Perfume Oil.

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