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Nipple Play

Have you ever wondered why nipples are sensitive and such an erogenous zone for most people? The extra nerve endings located in the nipples make them responsive to touch, vibration, and licking. Your lover may become aroused by your nipple play, but what if you introduced a device or toy geared exclusively for those sensitive spots–the pleasure would be intense! At My Secret Luxury, we offer a variety of fun items that help to stimulate this erogenous zone and make foreplay even more enjoyable. Find your items for nipple play online from our bondage collection at My Secret Luxury.

Buy Luxury Nipple Clamps and Play Online

If your nipples are a pleasure spot, you will want to experience the nipple play items we feature at My Secret Luxury.  Adjustable nipple clamps take sensory play to the fine line between pleasure and pain and can be fit to find the perfect balance for you and your lover. The clamps will bring a heightened sensitivity to your nipples, making them more receptive to your lover’s touch or to a vibrator. Want to delight your partner with some extended nipple play? Find just the right item when you visit My Secret Luxury online.

Get Nipple Play Sex Toys At MSL

Did you know that it is possible for a woman to orgasm just by arousing her nipples? While it isn’t commonplace, it IS possible, simply by prolonged stimulation. In addition to nipple clamps, My Secret Luxury also has rechargeable, vibrating nipple clamps powered by a bullet vibrator. This sensation adds to the pleasure and pain of the clamp itself, sending body-rumbling vibrations through this already sensitive area. Or try introducing nipple suckers into your routine; by simply attaching the suction portion onto the nipples, a vacuum seal will increase blood flow, making the nipples extra sensitive. Hop online at My Secret Luxury to check out all of our best nipple play items and also buy your partner a blindfold for a better sexual experience.

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The term nipple play refers to incorporating nipples into sex as a means of adding pleasure and stimulation. This includes touching, rubbing, licking, sucking, or pinching nipples during sex. You can use erotic nipple play during sex regardless of your gender or sexual orientation.

The best lube for nipple play depends on what kind of nipple activity you are performing (pinching, rubbing, etc.) and what adds to the sensation. You can use any kind of lube for nipple play, including water-based lube, silicone-based lube, oil-based lube, or natural lube. We have a large variety of lubes available at our store, designed to enhance stimulation and provide increased comfort during sex. Visit our website today and take your pick.

If you are looking for nipple play toys, visit My Secret Luxury. In our store, you can find a wide variety of nipple play toys, such as:

Whatever you are into, you can find the right toy for it on our website.

Nipple play can be an exciting activity for women. It can cause erotic sensations that increase pleasure during sexual activities, especially if nipple clamps or other toys are used. For some women, nipple play can lead to more enjoyable orgasms.

Some of the best toys for women who like nipple play are: