Sex Books


Sex Books

Sex books, guides, manuals and erotic fiction are necessary and fun addition to every bedroom.

You can read erotic fiction and erotica, which is either used to get you in the mood or during sexual play. Reading these sex books will kick start your most powerful sex organ -- your brain! 

You can also expand your sexual horizons and read instructional books on human sexuality that teach you how to get the pleasure you deserve or how to experience new things in the bedroom. After all, as adults, we were never taught anything about pleasure-based sex education. You either learned on your own, by talking to friends or from pornography, which is not always real.

Erotic books -- whether they are educational or just a good sexy read help you:

  • Get in the mood
  • Extend foreplay throughout the day
  • Inspire new ideas
  • Help you escape
  • No one judges you

No matter what you read, these books help you have more intimate, adventurous and fulfilling a sex life.

Browse our extensive erotic book collection. You never know what you will find . . . or learn!