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Read Some Of The Most Entertaining Sex Books

When you’re learning something new or brushing up on a subject, what do you do? Read a book, of course! Looking to try a new sexual position with your partner?  Want to learn the art of oral sex? Interested in learning more about menopause and sex? Pick up an informative, engrossing sex book from My Secret Luxury. With a variety of contemporary titles and subjects to choose from, you, too, can become a sexpert!

Once you find a topic that captivates your attention from our selection of sex books from our sex accessories, you’ll want to fill your bookshelves with informative, entertaining page-turners from My Secret Luxury. From learning about sex in your 50’s and 60’s to the tried-and-true Kama Sutra, you’ll find a vast array of books that will answer burning questions, teach you something new, or just turn you on!

Talk about a hardcover!

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If you have ever been fascinated by bondage but a little skeptical to try it out with your partner, start with a book. We feature books that introduce you to bondage and kink, sex games and spanking, light bondage and bedroom tricks, and even guides to female dominance. Want to play a submissive role? Start now–get a bondage book from My Secret Luxury, or suffer the consequences! Here are some of our more well-known books: 

Love to read erotica? At My Secret Luxury, we offer several different types of erotica, from domination fantasies, to erotica for curvy women, to erotic fantasies for couples, to hook up stories. Read out loud to your partner and act out scenes or use the stories to fuel your own solo play. Use your imagination and read a sex book from My Secret Luxury today!

We Offer Informational Sex Books Too!

At My Secret Luxury, we know that “Reading is Fundamental” but we like to focus on the FUN. Exploring the secrets to giving the perfect massage, discovering the mysteries of tantric sex, or challenging yourself to try a new sexual position every day–these topics take reading for pleasure to a whole new meaning! Check out the online selection of sex books we feature at My Secret Luxury and find your own fun, you can also buy it for your partner along with a sex kit

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