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You can take control of your lover with a BDSM collar from My Secret Luxury! Your dominance fantasies can all come true as you and your partner engage in agreed upon sex games using one of the quality BDSM collars offered online by My Secret Luxury. Lead your lover around by the leash and collar as the ultimate act of dominance in your role playing sex games. Not too tight or restricting, try a BDSM collar crafted from leather accompanied by a gold chain leash. Not the dominant partner in your sex play? Enjoy a truly submissive role as you wear a collar designed to make you beg your partner for more. Find the BDSM collar to make your fantasies come alive at My Secret Luxury online with our bondage collection.

Purchase Bondage Collars & Chokers Online

Enjoy a sexy metallic choker with metallic chains that cascade down your body while you wear it as the ultimate in alluring fetish gear. This collar can be worn alone or paired with a variety of other BDSM items, including restraints, for a full submissive adventure. Wear this sexy accessory for your significant other and yield to your lover’s whims. Find this unique collar online at My Secret Luxury and pair it with some additional toys such as ball gags or the entire BDSM kits to make an ordinary day an extraordinary one.

High-Quality Sex Collars At MSL

Want to thoroughly surprise and entice your lover? When you purchase a BDSM collar from My Secret Luxury and wear it for your partner, it’s an indication that you belong to him or her. Make a statement and let your lover take over, have control, dominate you in the bedroom and beyond! Or if you prefer, your lover can wear the collar and you can exert control! The more you play and experiment, the closer you’ll bond, so purchase your BDSM collar online at My Secret Luxury.

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Most bondage collars come with an adjustable belt, which means you can safely tie the collar around your or your partner’s neck. The collar may come attached to a leash, depending on the level of bondage or role-play you desire. Whether you are a dom or a sub, you can easily use a collar for intense sexual pleasure.

A collar and leash signify the connection and ownership within a dom/sub relationship. During sex, a collar and leash are worn by the submissive individual so the dominant partner can maneuver and control them in the bedroom and make the most out of their sexual play.

The triple-ring collar adds a certain level of excitement during sex. Since this collar has three rings, each ring can be used to attach a separate leash to the collar. A submissive wears the collar with the three rings and can be dominated by one or more partners simultaneously.

You can buy a variety of bondage toys from My Secret Luxury. Our store offers a wide selection of sex collars that you can use to amp up your bedroom game. These collars will help you spice up your relationship with your partner with dom/sub roleplay.

If you are looking for a collar to choke your partner during sex playfully, My Secret Luxury has got you covered. We have a large variety of choke collars that you can use regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. Some of our best-selling choke collars are:

  • Bijoux Indiscrets Désir Métallique Collar
  • Spartacus Collar and Leash
  • Sultra Lambskin Studded Collar and Leash