There are 2 types of Desensitizers: Male desensitizers and Anal desensitizers.


  • Male Desensitizers are designed to have him feel less sensation and delay ejaculation and prolong sex.


  • Anal Desensitizers create a relaxing effect to relax the sphincter muscles or reduce sensitivity during anal penetration.


What do they feel like?

Either cool or warm sensation in the beginning. They slightly numb the area, but men should still be able to feel something.


What if someone tries it and it has no effect?

Try a different brand. Each product uses different ingredients and a different recipe of ingredients. Since people have different chemistry, one brand may work better than another. Experiment!


How long does the effect last?

All topical desensitizers produce temporary results varying between a few minutes to a few hours. It depends on the person’s personal chemistry, how the formula works with their body, and how much product is used.


If you are not sure if you need a male desensitizer, ask yourself these questions:

Do you ejaculate sooner than you would like?

You could use a desensitizing formula that reduces your sensitivity and slows down the body’s reaction to climax.


Do you loose your erection before you climax or do you need help creating an erection?

You might need something to feel more sensation like a male sex toysmale stimulant or a penis ring to help keep increased blood low in the penis.


Note about Anal Desensitizers:

Do not mask the pain of anal penetration with a product. A person should only use anal desensitizers products to help relax the muscles and reduce sensation. 

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