Arcwave Pow Masturbation Sleeve

( 5.00 Reviews )


Arcwave Pow is a premium manual stroker and masturbation sleeve with suction control, textured CleanTech Silicone sleeve and dual entry. Pow’s intuitive silicone pleasurably tightens during use, while the air pressure releaser valve creates intense suction for an incredible orgasm.

Arcwave Pow turns pressure to pleasure by harnessing natural air suction with smart design. A manual stroker and masturbation toy with a structured Quick Clean Helix silicone inner sleeve and intuitive air pressure release valve, Pow shakes up masturbation for an intense release and easy clean-up.

Suction Control

Air pressure release valve tightens the silicone sleeve, creating a controllable, natural suction sensation without batteries. By placing a finger over the air pressure release valve during use, you can control the suction intensity exactly to your liking for a customizable, totally natural feeling.

CleanTech Silicone

Keeping Pow fresh is simple. Arcwave’s cutting-edge CleanTech Silicone is super smooth, hygienic and durable but is also very flexible to accommodate all penis sizes. Precision engineering gives this material a superior finish, as well as making it durable for continued use.

Quick Clean Helix

Smart structure within Pow’s inner sleeve optimizes cleaning and drying speed without compromising on those smooth sensations.  

Quick-dry Ventilation Lids

Pow has specially shaped lids designed to protect the toy when not in use as well as enable better ventilation for fast and hygienic drying.  

Shake it up

Pow is for adventurers, for curious souls who value thrilling sensations, clever design and new experiences. You know who you are, and you want a toy that does exactly what it says it does. Pow is here to give you the hit you crave – a heightened orgasm that delivers, time and again.

How it works

1. Remove the protector lids.

Remove both protective lids from your Pow.

2. Apply water-based lube

Add a little to both your penis and the toy.

3. Slide your penis inside

Stroke for an enhanced masturbation experience.

4. Air pressure release valve

Cover and uncover the hole at the end to control suction to your liking.

5. Wash it effortlessly

Just remove the inner sleeve to wash and dry quickly and easily.

Smart Sleeve

Pow’s inner sleeve is made from skin-friendly silicone, providing a ridged pleasure surface to heighten masturbation. Add water-based lube and stroke to create a powerful orgasm.

Quick Clean Helix

Smart design means that your toy is easy to clean – simply remove the inner sleeve and wash under running water with soap or toy cleaner. Pow’s special shape means it dries super-fast, keeping things clean and ready for the next use.

Super Suction

Control Pow’s natural suction to create the right level of intensity for you. The toy’s dual entry allows you to choose between two different hole widths, while covering and uncovering the pressure release valve lets you control the suction sensation.

Fits Most Size

– Pow is designed to fit 95% of all penis sizes.


  • Compact masturbation toy where you can adjust the tightness
  • Dual entry
  • CleanTech Silicone
  • Convenient Protector Lids
  • Ergonomic Shape
  • Removable sleeve – easy to clean
  • Great for both couples & solo play
  • 2 year warranty

Measures | 7.09″ x 2.76″


How do I clean my Pow?

Pow is best cleaned with your preferred specially formulated toy cleaning solution. Simply remove the silicone inner sleeve from the outer case to clean. Leave to air dry before reassembly.

Can I use Pow in the shower?

Yes, Pow is suitable for use in the shower.

What happens if Pow get stuck on me?

Pow’s inner sleeve is made from slippery, silky-soft CleanTech silicone, so it is unlikely to get stuck during use as advised. However, if you feel trapped in the toy, just relax and slowly pull it off. Make sure you are not covering any of the pressure release valves (the visible holes in the toy) as blocking these will create more suction. The toy will also become simpler to remove when you are no longer aroused.

How do I use Pow?

Apply plenty of water-based lube to your penis and the inside of Pow’s sleeve and slide the toy onto your penis. Rub it up and down for a unique masturbation experience. You can vary the sensations by covering and uncovering the pressure-release valve on the toy, which increases the level of suction.

How big is Pow?

Pow has a flexible diameter of between 3cm to 4.5cm, with an insertable length of 17 cm.

How can I be sure that Pow fit me?

Pow is designed to accommodate most penis sizes, so it is likely that it will fit.

How much does Pow weigh?

Pow weighs 380g.

How long can I use Pow?

Arcwave products have a 2-year warranty (link to page) but there’s no reason your product shouldn’t last a lifetime when used as directed.

What is special about CleanTech silicone?

CleanTech silicone is non-porous, making it ultra-hygienic and easy to clean. It also silky-soft on skin, so it feels oh-so-good during use.

Can I buy a replacement CleanTech silicone sleeve for Pow?

There is no replacement CleanTech silicone sleeve for Pow currently available.

Do I need to charge Pow?

No! Pow has no batteries or electronic components, making it straightforward and simple to use.

How should I store my Pow when it’s not in use?

Clean and leave Pow to air dry before reassembling the toy. Pow’s sleek outer case is designed to be subtle and stylish for storage, whether in a drawer or in plain sight in your home.