Le Wand Crystal G Wand


Le Wand Crystal G Wand

Le Wand Crystal G Wand is a beautifully crafted crystal wand designed for the ultimate G-spot stimulation.


Curved to enter the body at the perfect angle, the Crystal G Wand’s bulbous tip targets and hits the G-spot with precision. This G-spot wand’s expertly carved curve shape hits at the perfect angle every time. Meanwhile, its shaft offers a delightful feeling of fullness thanks to its wider girth. 


Diversify your delight with double-sided penetration. With angled and bulbous ends, choose the side that fits your mood.


The Crystal G Wand can be paired with the included textured silicone ring for added external stimulation.


Crystals have been utilized as a tool to help one connect with their internal energies. Le Wand’s Crystal Collection is made entirely of natural stones that can provide a sense of grounding and security for exploring and expressing your sexual pleasure.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a stone of the heart, a crystal of unconditional love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, and nourishment and comfort. 

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a stone of cleansing. It is said to ease your aura of disharmony, negative attachments, old patterns, and negative emotions.

Experience spiritual enlightenment and an explosion of sexual ecstasy with the crystal. Every Crystal Wand includes a 94-page hardcover guide to help master the secret practices of using crystal pleasure tools!

You may warm up the Wand with your own body heat. However, do not heat up or freeze the product — it may crack with sudden temperature shifts.


Although compatible with any kind of lubricant, we recommend using silicone lubricant and cleaning your crystal wand with sex toy cleaner

Please Note: The included silicone sleeve is not compatible with silicone lube.


Use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner directly on your Crystal G and finish with a damp cloth. After cleaning, allow Le Wand Crystal G Wand to air dry.

If you want to spiritually connect with your crystal, you can also cleanse its energy prior to and after use with a solution of sea salt and water, the smoke of sage, gentle sunlight, or the light of a full moon.

While crystal is a body-safe material, it may be porous or has “closed porosity” — pores lay on the surface of the stone but would be very difficult for bacteria to seep through to the center. We suggest placing a condom over the product if you are sharing your crystal with a partner that you are not fluid-bonded with.

See the instruction manual HERE.


  • Crystal wand shaped for G-spot stimulation
  • Lengthy shaft offers fullness
  • Includes silicone textured ring for more stimulation
  • Each G Wand is unique
  • Includes storage bag

Measures | 7″ x 1.32″

Insertable length | 5″

Weighs | .74 lb.