Perfect Fit Speed Shift Penis Ring


Perfect Fit Speed Shift Penis Ring

The Speed Shift is an adjustable cock ring with a quick release tab and 17 different size adjustments.


You never have to worry about this ring not fitting; with the Speed Shift you can simply change the tab, so it truly is one size fits all. 

The ball rope works in combination with the ball guide to allow easy adjusting of the ring while in use. The .2 inch increments are designed so that every penis can get the perfect fitting ring. 


If the ring is too tight or you are ready to take it off, use the quick release tab for easy removal. The quick release tab also makes this a perfect cock ring for beginners.


Adding lubricant on the ring helps it slide through the tabs. So as your penis gets harder, just easily adjust the ring and you will always have the perfect fit!

We recommend using your Speed Shift with water-based lubricant. Wash thoroughly with sex toy cleaner

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  • Adjustable cock for the perfect fit
  • Ideal for strengthening erections and prolonging orgasms