ON Power Glide for Him

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ON Power Glide for Him Arousal Gel

ON Power Glide is a fast-acting arousal gel for men that heightens sensation and increases blood flow for firmer, thicker, and longer-lasting erections.


With 5 times more L-Arginine compared to other products, this stimulating gel for men increases your penis sensitivity and blood flow, making your penis feel thicker, firmer, and a longer-lasting erection. Absorbed directly into the skin with noticeable effects, ON Power Glide's botanical formula with natural compounds, nutrients, and L-arginine helps to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow in the penis.

Using botanical extracts and bioactive nutrients, this premium citrus-scented arousal gel and male stimulant offers enhancement where many prescriptions fall short and can help replenish decreased testosterone while rebuilding intimacy with your partner. 


Two types of Niacin and all major ingredients awaken the nerve endings in your penis to maximizes your sexual satisfaction for a dramatically different sexual experience alone or with a partner. 

When using for sex: If used prior to sex, wipe away any excess before entering his partner. Make a perfect compliment to ON Clitoral Arousal Oil for women.

When using while wearing a condom: Wipe away any excess before putting on a condom. Excellent for men who have less sensation when wearing a condom. Safe with latex.


The hybrid-gel is better than a cream because it provides a longer-lasting lubricating massage.


This premium arousal gel for men is excellent if you want or need to feel more sensation due to medical conditions, such as diabetes or low testosterone, and/or loss of sensation from alcohol consumption.

ON Power Glide Excellent is excellent to use with penis pumps and cock rings to make them more effective. Use this stimulating gel for men during masturbation or prior to sex to improve your performance. ON Power Glide can be used under condoms.


Possible sensations could include: tingling, buzzing, warmth, increased blood flow or a slight increase in girth. Please keep in mind that every man is different.


The effects are temporary and can last up to an hour depending on how much you use.




  • Arousal gel for men that increases arousal and sensitivity
  • Makes your penis feel thicker and firmer
  • 5x more L-Arginine compared to other products
  • 2 types of Niacin and all major ingredients that increase sensitivity and awaken nerve endings
  • Great stimulating gel for men who want or need to feel more sensation due to medical conditions
  • Excellent to use with penis pumps and cock rings to make them more effective
  • Use solo play or prior to sex to improve performance 
  • Can be used under condoms
  • 1.7 fl. oz.