8 Sex Toy Patents You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

8 Sex Toy Patents You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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You can find patents for practically anything if you look hard enough. Chief among them are sex toy patents. Believe it or not, there are untold numbers of sex toy related patents for some of the craziest looking contraptions you’ve ever seen. With a bit of in-depth research on Google Patents, an online index that lists millions of patents from the USA and Europe, here are 8 sex toy patents you won’t believe actually exist.

1) Remotely Controllable Wireless Sex Toy (US20040132439A1)

Legal Status: Pending

Application Number: US10336231

Abstract: “A remotely controllable wirelesssextoysystem is disclosed as having asextoywith at least one operative function, a receiver associated with thesextoy, the receiver being capable of receiving a wireless signal for directing the at least one operative function, a transmitter located remotely from thesextoy.”

This particular patent is an invention in which the sex toy in question can be controlled on a computer network. The receiver built into the toy allows it to be controlled from far away distances as long as the transmitter is on the same network as the receiver. In simpler terms, US20040132439A1 can be controlled from the push of a button on a keyboard.

2) Cybernetic vibrator device with sensors for in-situ gesture controls (US20110218395A1)

Legal Status: Granted

Application Number: US13040279

Abstract: “The touch sensors respond to natural human gestures such as grasping, stretching, compressing and bending the external end of thesextoywith changes in resistance. The touch sensors are connected to the control circuit by wires and act as potentiometers in the control path of the vibrator motors.”

As the abstract above illustrates, US20110218395A1reacts through changes in resistance. For example, if a partner were to grab the external handle of the vibrator with a firm grip, a strong pulse would be sent to the internal end of the device. This means that no matter how light the touch this vibrator will respond and stimulate the user Of course, the stronger the touch, the stronger the stimulation. This toy was meant for the ultimate partner interaction.

3) Methods and Devices for Fluid Driven Adult Devices (US20140088468A1)

Legal Status: Pending

Application Number: US14037560

Abstract: According to embodiments of the invention localized and global variations of devices are implemented using fluidics and electromagnetic pumps/valves wherein a fluid is employed such that controlling the pressure of the fluid results in the movement of an element within the device or the expansion/contraction of an element within the device.”

With an odd appearance, theUS20140088468A1utilizes a fluidic control system that activates a pump and a control circuit. Once the device is inserted into the desired area of the body, the pump can be activated so that the device inserts in and out of the user.

4) Interactive Entertainment System Having Sensory Feedback

Legal Status: Pending

Application Number: US14486809

Abstract: “An interactive entertainment system comprises a display device for viewing an interactive video and a controller for operating one or moresextoys for providing stimulations to a user at a remote location and displayed in the interactive video.”

This patent allows the user to remotely control multiple sex toys at the same time using the graphical interface of their phone. The interface shows the strength of the simulations, characteristics, type, and even the status of the toy. There is even an audio feedback feature.

5) Wearable sensing and actuator systems, and methods of use (US20160175186A1)

Legal Status: Pending

Application Number: US14978932

Abstract:“Wearable sensors and cybernetic systems that allow one or more operators to interact and control operations of electronic, mechanical, robotic, or biomedical systems, and methods of use in gynecology, female sexual response and female sexual well-being.”

US20160175186A1has multiple uses one of which being medical in nature. It can be used by gynecologists to ensure the sexual well-being of a female. Of course, seeing that the very nature of the device is for “clitoral stimulation”, it can also be used as a sex toy. The device fits over the hand like a glove and causes a vibration to create a pleasurable sensation for the clitoris.

6) Self lubricating sex aids (US6749557B2)

Legal Status: Expired

Application Number: US10261995

Abstract: “Asexaid system modified to be self-lubricating, and including a hollow chamber for carrying lubricating fluid; and a mechanism for connecting the hollow chamber to thesexaid.”

US6749557B2speaks for itself. It can be used just like a normal dildo (for normal insertion or for external stimulation). Before using the toy, the hollow chamber within should be filled with lubricating fluid. The holes are designed so that when the toy is stationary, the fluid within does not escape. However, during use, the device should continue to self-lubricate as the fluids within the chamber seep out.


7) US20100087703A1

Legal Status: Granted

Application Number: US12244157

Abstract: “Thesextoyof the present invention has a handle connected to one end of an elongated shaft and a dildo pivotally attached to a second end of the elongated shaft. The shaft includes an arcuate section proximate to the second end.”

Perhaps the oddest design choice on this list, US20100087703A1opted for an interesting way for the user to engage in masturbation. As the illustration demonstrates, the device has an elongated curve to it that allows the user to insert it into the desired area on their body. As they stand upright they can use the handles to pump the toy to the desired intensity.

8) Oscillating intercourse simulator (US20040260146A1)

Application Number: US10462962

Abstract: “Oscillating Intercourse Simulator is a sexdevice simulating intercourse. The artificial penisis propelled by the oscillating pendulum. The pendulum is driven by the crankshaft with the electric motor.

US20040260146A1 works on a pendulum system where it swings back and forth thus simulating intercourse. To adjust the amplitude on the device you have to slide the crankshaft up which increases the amplitude or down along the pendulum which decreases the amplitude.