LELO Hula Beads vs. Lyla 2

LELO Hula Beads vs. Lyla 2

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What is the difference between the LELO Hula Beads and the LELO Lyla 2 Egg Vibrator? Although they are similar in appearance, they are different.

Let’s take a look at the differences between these two LELO vibrators:

LELO Luna Beads VS. LELO Lyla 2 Vibrator

Larger – Provides fuller feeling
Smaller classic egg-shaped vibrator
More Advanced – Also used as kegel exerciser
Beginner & Advanced
Rotations massage your G-spot
Vibrating base stimulates sensitive tissue closer to vaginal opening
Versatile design can be used for internal or external stimulation

Insert only 1 bead for powerful external vibrations
Wear on a night out and someone else controls the remote
Black, Deep Rose, Turquoise
Black, Cerise, Deep Rose