What to Put in Your High Quality Sex Toy Starter Kit

This post was last updated on July 31, 2020 at 10:38 a.m.

Every relationship needs adult sex toys and sex accessories, especially when you prioritize pleasure. High-quality sex toys are designed to stimulate your most pleasurable areas. This includes the clitoris, G-spot, and prostate. They help you figure out what feels good and brings you to orgasm. This is something that you should know about yourself and your body all good things to know for yourself and to share with a partner.

Of course, sex toys are also called that for a reason - they add pleasure, fun, and playfulness to your sex life and relationship. They let you add variety, fun, and experiment with new types of sensation.

High-quality sex toys also let you try things you might not normally do. This might include double penetration with your partner and a toy or allowing someone with a vulva penetrate someone else with a strap-on.

There are high-quality sex toys and premium sex accessories for everyone, regardless of gender, taste, or relationship status. Sex toys enhance your sex life and help you have more sexual desire, orgasms, and overall sexual satisfaction.

What Does High-Quality Sex Toys Mean?

High-quality premium luxury sex toys and accessories include those products that are:

  • Made of body-safe materials
  • More discreet and beautiful
  • Quiet
  • Built to last a long time
  • Innovative
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof

Innovation in sex toys include toys that thrust or bend for you, are controlled by a smartphone, or respond to your touch.

All high-quality sex toys have warranties because a lot of research and development has gone into these products. Therefore, manufacturers stand by their products and will replace any defective units.

Luxury, quality, and safety come at a price. With sex toys more, you get what you pay for. So you also won’t find a toy that breaks on you after just a few uses, causes severe irritation, or wakes up the neighborhood with its loud but weak buzzing.

If you are not quite sure where to begin, here's what we recommend that everyone should have in their sex toy starter kit:

If you are not quite sure where to begin, here's what we recommend that everyone should have in their sex toy starter kit:

High-Quality Sex Toy Starter Kit

Massage Oil

Whether it's a massage oil candle or regular massage oil, everyone can benefit from getting turned on by a rub down. A massage is an excellent way to start foreplay. We recommend only high-quality massage oils and massage products that are made with premium ingredients.

Sex Educator Tip: Did you know that approximately 70% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm? Toys can help those woman achieve the pleasure they deserve.


If you close your eyes, you might want to sneak a peak. A blindfold makes sure that your eyes are covered, which results in heightening the remaining senses.


Handcuffs or wrist restraints for sexual play restrict movement so that you can fully enjoy the pleasure (or pain) that your partner gives you. When your hands and wrists are restrained, the body’s senses can be more heightened.

High-quality handcuffs and restraints are either made with silk, satin, leather or vegan leather.

Personal Lubricant

Lube is necessary for solo or couple play. Whether you need it for masturbation, anal play, penis-in-vagina sex, or sex toys, personal lubricant should be in everyone's sex toy toolbox.

It's very important to remember that you are putting lubricant into your body, especially if you have a vulva. Since cheap lubricant contains lots of chemicals, cheap lubricant can cause skin irritations. Organic or all natural is always best.

We also recommend to not mix silicone lube with silicone toys. We also recommend lots and lots of lubricant for anal play.

Sex Educator Tip: The anus does not lubricate itself like the vulva.

Mini External Vibrator

Whether it's a bullet vibrator, egg vibrator, or finger vibrator, a mini vibrator is the perfect first vibrator. These luxury vibrators are easy to use, inexpensive, focus on the clitoris and vulva, and are an excellent introduction to the world of luxury vibrators. Mini vibrators are also discreet and are easy to travel with.

G-spot Vibrator

G-spot vibrators are an excellent addition to your high-quality sex toy tool kit. They can either be used internally to stimulate the G-spot or externally to stimulate the clitoris/vulva. So, it's almost like you have two toys in one!

Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are usually for more advanced users, who want to experiment with twice the amount of stimulation. The external part of the rabbit sex toy stimulates the clitoris while the internal part of the vibrator stimulates the G-spot. Some high-quality G-spot sex toys allow you to switch the vibration from internal to external stimulation.

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Wand Massager

Wand Massagers are excellent sex toys if you like power and external stimulation. Some wand massagers have electric cords, and those are the most powerful. Wand massagers also have different attachments for internal G-spot stimulation, textures for a different type of stimulation, or attachments to stimulate the penis!

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Cock Ring

A cock ring, penis ring, or vibrating ring is worn on the penis to constrict blood flow to the penis for better more intense and longer orgasms. When worn around the shaft and the scrotum, a penis ring can delay ejaculation to create a stronger orgasm. If using a vibrating ring, your partner also feels the vibrations. This high-quality sex toy is excellent for couples or solo play.

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Masturbators, masturbation sleeves, and strokers are high-quality sex toys for men are excellent for solo or couples play. They could be used to feel a different sensation, to spice up foreplay, add variety to sexual play, or if your partner's penis is too big. Better and different from using the hand, masturbators are a favorite of men worldwide.

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Sex Toy Cleaner

Now that you've spent money on high-quality adult toys, you should take care of your investment and use sex toy cleaner. You should always wash your sex toys before and after using them. Soap and water is a good option but it can leave an unwanted residue that may react badly with your skin, especially with your vulva.

Sex toy cleaner is easy to use, leaves no residue, and extends the life of your sex toy. You can either use a spray or convenient wipes.

Sex Toy Storage

Although high-end sex toys are discreet and can be left out on your nightstand, some people prefer to keep their sex toys in a safe hiding place. Sex toy storage can be lockable, waterproof, and can even clean your toys while they are being stored!

Final Thoughts

Everyone should own sex toys. There is nothing wrong with you if you do, and you understand that your pleasure is a priority. There are lots of options but with the right information, you can find the right sex toy for you.

Sadly, there are a lot of myths about sex toys: you can get addicted to your vibrator; sex toys will replace your partner; something is wrong with me/my relationship if I/we use sex toys. THAT IS NOT TRUE! No one has to know (unless you want them to) that you/your partner uses sex toys.

You deserve pleasure because after all . . . pleasure is a birthright!