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Read Popular Sex Instruction Books

If you are a couple who want to spice up their sex life, reach new levels of pleasure, and elevate your orgasms to last longer than ever, you are at the right place. Behind every happy couple, there’s a bedroom secret. However, we are here to reveal all the secrets of the bedroom that can just be what you need to amp up your pleasure time. My Secret Luxury has a huge variety of sex instruction books that can let you in on tips and tricks regarding the sexual satisfaction of yourself and your partner. Discover the secrets of amplified sexual routines at My Secret Luxury’s popular sex instruction books collection.

We Offer A Range Of The Best Sex Education & Instruction Books

From couples guides to ejaculation tips to orgasmic pregnancy to age-related sexual activities, we offer a wide range of the best sex education and instruction books, including:

Whatever your fantasy, concern, or pain point is, these books can help you find the most pleasurable ways of satisfaction. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can take advantage of these books and carve the path to maneuvering your and your partner’s body for maximum fun and pleasure.

Sexperts Approved Sex Instruction Books & Reads

Find sex instruction books on a wide range of topics written and approved by acclaimed sexperts like Jack Morin, Ian Kerner, and Sonia Borg. These sexperts have done extensive, first-hand research to curate perfectly relatable experiences for you. Some of the best-selling books that we have on the subject are:

  • The Adventurous Couples Guide to Strap-on Sex, available for $14.95
  • Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget | 52 Positions & Techniques Guaranteed to Blow Your Man Away, available for $22.99
  • Anal Pleasure & Health | A Guide for Men, Women & Couples, available for $18.95

Men, women, and couples alike can read these books and gain useful insights to revive their bedroom life. Apart from these books, we also have a large stock of books on more interesting topics, including BDSM, erotic literature, and more. The stock is running out fast. Hurry up and add your sex book picks to your cart today.

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