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When you are going to be intimate with someone, you don’t want to feel self-conscious. Make sure you are always clean, fresh, and ready for a sexual encounter by investing in an enema product from My Secret Luxury. Who doesn’t enjoy a brand-spanking new feeling, especially before having a spanking encounter? Whether you’re exploring with a new partner or doing the deed with the old ball-and-chain, keeping clean will make you both feel freer and less self-conscious. Get your quality enema product from My Secret Luxury’s sex accessories online.

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You may have never considered using an enema, but it is an excellent way to clean your anal cavity by using water to flush out the rectum. If you want to engage in anal play but are concerned, you may introduce your partner to more than they bargained for, using an enema beforehand can eliminate a dirty situation. That’s right, folks; we’re all adults–an enema will flush out the poop so you and your partner don’t have even to consider a messy consequence to your anal play. At My Secret Luxury, we have several enema products for purchase, each designed to leave your anus sparkling and invigorated. We’ll ship your enema bulb discreetly and securely because at My Secret Luxury, we make your sexual fantasies come true!

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The enema bulbs that we feature at My Secret Luxury are made of premium silicone with a removable tip, perfect for the intimate cleansing of your vagina or anus. These enema bulbs are soft, squeezable, durable, and super easy to use. With several different styles to choose from, you can find the enema product that suits your needs. Keep your private areas immaculate and comfortable; find an enema bulb at My Secret Luxury today! Don’t forget to pick up some anti-bacterial cleaner, too. You can also buy liberator sex furniture for painless, easy sex. 

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