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Purchase Anal Beads For Men

Often, you don’t even know what turns you on until you try something new. Spice up your love life by purchasing anal beads for men online from the plethora of sex toys for men at My Secret Luxury! With various vibration patterns and speeds, a wand of silicone beads that are bendable and flexible, and USB rechargeable, you’ll enjoy hours of fun exploring anal pleasures. Purchase your next anal bead with us!

Get A Range Of Anal Bead Toys – Butt Plugs To Vibrating Anal Beads

Two very important extras you will want to purchase along with your anal beads are an anal lubricant and a specialized sex toy cleaner. Since the anus does not produce a lubricant naturally, for maximum comfort, an anal lubricant will keep your play fun. Cleaning your anal beads requires more than just water and soap; a cleaner made specifically for sex toys will remove harmful bacteria and keep your toys squeaky clean, we have a range of all anal bead toys and products from vibrating anal beads to butt plugs you need online here in MSL!

Comfortable & Reusable Anal Beads

If you enjoy anal play, you’re going to love the anal bead toy options at My Secret Luxury. We feature several options that are easily, comfortably insertable, made from lustrous silicone. Ramp up your play with up to twelve different speeds, and up to twenty vibration modes. Did you really enjoy your experience with your anal bead toy? Set up the memory feature and you can replicate that ecstasy every time you use it. These toys are similar to anal plugs.

Beginner-Friendly Anal Beads & Toys

Anal beads are the perfect toy to use alone, with your partner, or even during vaginal intercourse as an added pleasure source. Use your waterproof silicone anal beads in the shower and experience the hottest shower you’ve ever taken! Our anal beads are designed to be fun for both beginners and experts, so find your favorite, and order online today!

Not all anal beads are made the same–try the insane delight of our double-sided metal anal bead toy, made to stimulate the G-spot or prostate for an intense orgasm. For another measure of pleasure, the stainless steel rippled beads can be warmed or cooled for an extraordinary sensation. It’s a small toy with a big impact! Get some of our best-selling anal play toys at MSL.

Don’t Forget Your Lubes & Oils With Your Sex Toys – Shop Our Range Below

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