Tenga Flip Zero Masturbation Sleeve


Tenga Flip Zero Masturbation Sleeve

The Flip Zero is a discreet masturbation toy that uses the finest premium materials and the most intricate internal texturing details with added suction for ultimate pleasure.


The opening for the penis provides the perfect seal, preventing lubricant from leaking and forming a strong vacuum seal made possible by the one-way valve. 


The internal details provide a different kind of stimulation, which is a different sensation that regular masturbation doesn’t offer. The inner details have several new features:

  1. The Ridge Wall’s ridges hugs your penis from both sides
  2. The Ripple Dome grasps your shaft while rippling edges stimulate your shaft
  3. An outer layer covers the end orb which stimulates the tip of your penis from all angles


Easier to hold and use than the original Flip Hole, the Flip Zero’s pressure pads on the side of the toy are soft to the touch and allow for greater stimulation because of the suction it creates. The Flip Zero is also a great way to build stamina.


The Tenga Flip Zero has an integrated pivot and a flip-open hinge for seamless insertion, simple use and easier cleaning. We recommend only using water-based lubricant and sex toy cleaner


  • White
  • Black | The Flip Zero Black features a firmer material inside with different internal details, designed to provide stronger suction and more intense stimulation than the white Flip Zero.


  • Remove the side arms
  • Squeeze the rails until the Flip Zero clicks open
  • Add lubricant and close the Flip Zero
  • Replace the side arms until it clicks
  • Lubricate the insertion area for smoother entry
  • When the penis is inside, squeeze the pressure points on the side to remove the air inside the Flip Zero for suction
  • After use, open to clean
  • Use the slide arms as a stand to dry the Flip Zero
  • Use the case for storage after it has dried


  • Masturbation toy with intricate nooks & crannies for extra stimulation
  • Suction design for added pleasure
  • Flip design makes it very easy to apply lubricant and clean
  • Excellent for solo or couples play
  • Re-usable up to 50 times
  • Clear case for storage
  • Made in Japan

Measures | 7.09″ x 3.15″ x 2.76″