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Just the word “thrusting” is enough to pique your interest but add “vibrator” and now you have hours of fun. If you are searching for a truly interactive vibrator, then you need to see the line of thrusting vibrators from My Secret Luxury. Experience a multitude of sensations and motions from life-like thrusting vibrators. Purchase yours online today from our collection of vibrators at My Secret Luxury.

Not all vibrators are created equal, and we know that not all sex toy users want the same item. We offer thrusting vibrators that not only look like the “real deal”, but also feel authentic, too. With thrusting, pulsating, and hands-free options, there’s no end to the satisfaction you’ll feel when you purchase your very own thrusting vibrator from My Secret Luxury.  From petite models for beginners to larger vibrators with ample features, you’re sure to find a thrusting option that suits your needs…and your wants!

Find The Right G-Spot Stimulation & Penetration With Thrusting Vibrators

Want to really surprise your body? Imagine having a sex toy that not only thrusts, but also has a moveable clitoral stimulator AND offers vibrating power, too. With varied stimulation settings, you can customize your favorite combination for personalized pleasure. Or try a thrusting rabbit vibrator that can stimulate the G-spot, massage the clitoris, and provide thrusting penetration. Did it just get hot in here? Good thing these vibrators are waterproof! Grab yours at My Secret Luxury and turn up the heat!

We Offer A Variety Of Pulsators & Thrusting Vibrators

In addition to thrusting vibrators, you can also pick up a pulsator. What’s the difference? A pulsator doesn’t vibrate; instead, it mimics the feeling and movement of intercourse. Use the hands-free, waterproof pulsator to experience intense thrusting patterns and multiple speeds. Our pulsators are powerful and lightweight, and you can select one designed to hit your G-spot or with rabbit ears for external pleasure. You’ll find pulsators and thrusting vibrators online at My Secret Luxury, your one-stop shop for all your favorite sex toys. Try some of our products – Fun Factory Stonic Pulsator and Zero Tolerance Thrusting Stroker.

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Here’s how you can use a thrusting vibrator: 

  • Wash your thrusting vibrator with warm water and soap. 
  • Charge your vibrator fully before using it for the first time.
  • Learn your thrusting vibrator’s patterns and speed options before applying it to sensitive parts of your body. 
  • We’d suggest you do at least 10 minutes of foreplay to get your body warmed up.
  • Use lube, especially if you are using your vibrator for the first time. 
  • Keep your vibrator on low or medium thrusting speed, and start slow. 
  • Explore your body and find which positions, rhythms, or speeds add to your arousal. 
  • Experiment with positions, pausing to make the experience last longer, or changing speeds. 
  • Always clean your vibrator after use.

A thrusting vibrator is a vibrator designed to stimulate your body’s internal pleasure points. A thrusting vibrator moves as well as vibrates to massage your G-spot or P-spot. These vibrators will help you experience a multitude of motions and sensations. Some thrusting vibrators also have a moveable clitoral stimulator.

A thrusting vibrator works in any position with very little effort. Simply turn on your vibrator and use it at the thrusting speed that you desire. Powered by a motor, it requires little to no control effort from you!

My Secret Luxury is a leading online store for sex toys, including thrusting vibrators. We provide high-quality, body-safe thrusting vibrators from renowned and trusted brands to uplift your sexual experience. While selling the product, we offer a detailed wealth of content about the thrusting vibrator. This will help you understand better what you’re using and how best to use it.

The thrusting jack rabbit vibrator provides you with multiple texture options to choose from. You can control and set each feature to satisfy your pleasure. Reach the ultimate level of ecstasy with different options to play with, like textures, speed, and rotation. Its dual motor will help you tickle your clitoral area and G-spot at once.

A thrusting vibrator is better  than a vibrator because it: 

  • Stimulates the thrusting action.
  • There is no requirement for any physical action.
  • Is easy for users with limited mobility or grip strength. 
  • Eradicates the need to thrust and grip.

You can buy a thrusting vibrator with suction in My Secret Luxury. These thrusting vibrators have a suction cup base to keep your vibrator in place. The suction feature in a thrusting vibrator allows you to place the vibrator anywhere, whether it’s on the floor or walls of your washroom. Also, we provide our customers with: 

  • 100% privacy and security.
  • High-quality premium products.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Free shipping over $200.
  • Highest-rated thrusting vibrator with suction.