Top 8 Best Sex Toys for Men and Women 2022

Posted by Sexual Health Educator on 13th Jan 2022

Top 8 Best Sex Toys for Men and Women chosen by a Sex Educator. Buy the best high quality luxury adult toys for women at My Secret Luxury, your luxury adult store. Free Discreet Shipping.

Top 8 Best Sex Toys for Men and Women

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The Top 8 Best Sex Toys for Men and Women are luxury vibrators and high quality adult toys that add fun to your sex life. They let you explore what feels good and experiment with new types of sensation. Additionally, using a vibrator together creates a stronger connection and more trust with your partner.

There's a lot of vibrator myths out there. Many people feel that they will be replaced if they introduce a vibrator into the bedroom. They also feel that something is wrong with them if they bring "that" product into the bedroom. Or, they don't need a vibrator because they don't have any issues in the bedroom, so why would they need one? Another sex toy and vibrator myth are that only "those" types of people use adult products.


Let's debunk each myth.

MYTH #1: I feel replaced when my partner brings a sex toy into the bedroom.

MYTH #2: Something is wrong with me or my partner if you use a sex toy for men or women.

MYTH #3: My sex life is great! Why do I need a sex toy?

Is it perfect? NO! Nothing is perfect.

So, then don't you want to make it BETTER??

Do you know EVERYTHING there is to know about pleasure? Most people do not!

That's the primary reason to use adult toys and products: they make sex and pleasure BETTER. They add more fun and variety to sexual play. They help you and your partner discover what feels good -- and what does not. The best luxury vibrators can help you explore new sensations that you might have never experienced before.

Who doesn't want that??

MYTH #4: My partner and I are not wild, so we don't need a sex toy.

No matter what kind of sexual play you are into, everyone can use benefit from using luxury vibrators, especially luxury couples vibrators.


Luxury vibrators are not as scary as you think. They are discreet, which means that they don't look like a sex toy, and therefore, are not as intimidating as they used to be.

MYTH #5: Only "those" types of couples use sex toys for men and women.

And what types of couples are these? Couples who enjoy PLEASURE? Couples who live HAPPIER and HEALTHIER LIVES? There is nothing wrong or shameful about using vibrators. They will bring you closer to your partner as well as provide more intimate moments and FUN!


The Top . . .

in 2022

BEST OVERALL: We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator


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We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator, the updated version of the best selling We-Vibe couples sex toy, is an adjustable couples vibrator designed to be enjoyed with a partner during sex. Chorus is worn by her during sex for extra stimulation to the clitoris and/or the G-spot. The penis also feels the vibration of the toy and presses the toy again the G-spot for extra pleasure.

Chorus’ new Squeeze Remote translates a simple, natural gesture – a squeeze – into more pleasure. The new Touch-sense feature uses advanced sensors to respond to body movements in the moment. And, our the AnkorLink technology ensures couples never lose connection.

(If you want a more basic version of the We-Vibe Chorus, then try the We-Vibe Unite or the We-Vibe Match. The We-Vibe Unite comes with a wireless remote control with a one-button interface, while the We-Vibe Match has a better remote control and is 100% waterproof.)

BEST HANDS-FREE CLITORAL STIMULATOR FOR SEX: Eva 2 Couples Vibrator by Dame Products


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Sometimes, you want to be so close to your partner that you don't want any sex toy to get in the way. The Eva 2 couples vibrator solves that issue because it fits snugly and comfortably under the labia majora. The wings help to keep Eva 2 in place without any straps or panties and can be used in many different positions.

Eva 2 is a hands-free sex toy that can be used during sex so that both partners can orgasm together. Based on the original Eva, the new and improved version of the Eva 2 is:

  • 8% Smaller
  • 10% Lighter
  • Shorter wings and a slightly different profile for better all-around fit
  • Simple to use with button at the top
  • 100% waterproof
  • Includes charging base/travel case



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Melt by We-Vibe is a suction sex toy and stimulator designed for couples. Melt surrounds the clitoris with gentle pulsing waves of air and indirect stimulation that leads to fast and often multiple orgasms -- without over-stimulation.

PleasureAir uses gentle changes in air pressure to massage your clitoris without over-stimulation or needing to stop. PleasureAir surrounds the clitoris with pulsating waves and gentle suction.

Melt's slim, curved design fits perfectly between you and your partner in any sexual position so that both of you can climax together.

Melt can be used with or without the free We-Connect app. When using the app remote control, you can control Melt from across the room or anywhere in the world. Use We-Connect to play and share control of Melt from anywhere, create custom vibes, and play together with other We-Vibe products.



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Although considered a sex toy for men, vibrating cock rings are excellent for couples because it's another way for both partners to experience pleasure at the same time. The ring constricts blood flow to the penis for a better orgasm and she experiences vibration on her vulva and clitoris.

Tenuto’s unique design stretches and adapts around the penis & perineum for increased blood flow, extended erection, and prolonged pleasure. The vibration benefits your partner during sex as well and is remote controlled with the free MysteryVibe App.

Soft, stretchy and comfortable, Tenuto’s front three motors are not only designed to stimulate the penis but also deliver powerful vibrations to the partner's labia and clitoris.

Tenuto’s 6 strong, anatomically positioned motors have vibrations that travel through the penis to give you and your partner powerful orgasms.



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Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager is a modern and versatile version of the classic wand massager, the all time best-selling sex toy.

Body-safe with a sleek silicone head, Le Wand is designed to rotate 360 degrees. This allows the vibrations to resonate through your body without causing any friction or overstimulation. The flexible neck and a lengthy handle with easy-to-use controls allows for smooth maneuvering.

Powerful and focused vibrations in the head of the wand allows for penetrating pleasure. With 10 speeds and 20 rumbly vibration patterns and different attachments, you can have a different experience each time you use Le Wand.

For unparalleled relaxation, the Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager doubles as a full body massager to relieve knots and tension all over your body. A lengthy handle with easy-to-use controls allows for simple maneuvering.


The Loop Penis Play Masturbator has a textured interior that delivers intense targeted stimulation to the frenulum (the most sensitive part of the penis for many people) and also acts as a super-powered masturbation sleeve. Place the head of the penis into the interior of the Loop and press the flexible arm firmly down for amazingly pleasurable stimulation or stroke back and forth to use as a masturbation sex toy.



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Lovense Lush 3 is a very powerful hands-free, wearable, and insertable luxury egg vibrator that is controlled remotely with Bluetooth connectivity that can be used in your bedroom, discreet public play, or as a long-distance sex toy.



Using the Smartphone app for Android or Apple, you can control toy at close range or over a long distance. Lush has the longest control range out of all wearable Bluetooth vibrators!

Close-Range Control

With the app, you can set up your luxury sex toy in minutes and turn your smartphone into a wireless remote control. Use for solo play or hand your smartphone to your partner as they pleasure you from across the room or for discreet public play. Nearly silent when inserted, no one will ever know that you are using a sex toy!

Long-Distance Control

The app allows you to give control to someone who is far away. Simply have that person download the app and you add them as a friend. Then give them permission to control your toy from their phone. This excellent teledildonic sex toy will spice up your long-distance relationship!

The fixed tail ensures Lovense Lush 3 “hugs” your body and stays in place putting more pressure on your G-Spot, which results in even more intense, deeper, and rumbly vibrations!

Four times more powerful than most hands-free vibrators, love eggs, vibrating panties, or remote control vibrators, the large motor does not reduce battery life.



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With 3950 RPM, the best-selling Pulse DUO is a remote-controlled vibrator and male masturbator that can be used during sex. This couples vibrator can be used hands-free allowing you to focus on each other and not the toy. It's soft vibrating underside has vibrations for her. Those vibrations are independently adjustable with the remote control.

Pulse DUO can be used flaccid or erect, during foreplay and even during shallow penetration in numerous positions.

  1. On Top position: Worn on the penis, the woman's labia and clitoris feel the vibration of the underside of the toy, which is controlled by the remote. With the woman's bodyweight holding the toy in place, the couple can enjoy hands-free foreplay.
  2. Missionary position: Worn on the penis, the woman's labia and clitoris feel the vibration of the underside of the toy. With the man's bodyweight holding the toy in place, the couple can enjoy hands-free foreplay.

Meanwhile, the Pulse DUO Lux includes two remote controls for couples play, a turbo button and max power of 4450 RPM.

BEST THRUSTING TOY: Fun Factory Pulsators


Starts at $169.99

(Free discreet shipping)

Do you want to try a threesome but are afraid to invite another person into the bedroom? That's no longer a concern thanks to the Fun Factory Pulsators. This thrusting sex toy mimics the back-and-forth movement of penetration. So you can enter your partner vaginally and use the Pulsator anally OR you can enter your partner anally and use the Pulsator vaginally.

Or, if a threesome is not your thing, you can use the hands-free Pulsator with a vibrator for an amazing orgasm!

BONUS #1: Don't Forget the Lube!!!!!

Simply put: lube makes sex better, and who doesn't want that??


It makes things slicker and more comfortable. Just as important, lube makes sex much more pleasurable. Every sensation is enhanced which will allow you to feel every movement at a heightened level. Not only does it increase your pleasure, but personal lubricant decreases your risk of pain and infection.

The act of sexual intercourse often creates friction. If there is not enough lubrication, small tears could occur in the vagina, which could increase the risk of urinary tract infections, STIs, and other types of infections.

If you are using sex toys, it’s always smart to use personal lubricant. Toys tend to dry up as they are exposed to air, making for uncomfortable re-entry.

Most of the time, our bodies produce enough natural lubricant to be comfortable everyday. However, if you are having sex or using toys, you may need more than what nature provides, especially if you are experiencing hormonal changes, on medications or experiencing stress.

Using personal lubricant is not a sign of a broken body or a failed libido. Instead it’s the most normal thing in the world.

There are many different types of personal lubricants depending on your needs:

  • Water-based
  • Oil-based
  • Silicone-based
  • Flavored
  • Cooling/Warming
  • Sensitive

We recommend water-based lubricant when using sex toys and silicone-based lube when using non-silicone sex toys or during sex or during sexual play in the shower/bath tub.

Water-Based Lube

Silicone-Based Lube

BONUS #2: ON Clitoral Arousal Oil


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(Free discreet shipping)

On average, women need 10-40 minutes to get aroused. This can depend on stress, lack of sleep, medication, the time of her cycle, and many other reasons. ON Clitoral Arousal Oil not only speeds up the arousal process but also kick starts the natural lubrication process. Made of all-natural cinnamon oil, when 1-3 drops are applied to the clitoris, this arousal oil brings blood flow to the clitoris and helps arousal. The best part is that it kicks in within 5 minutes!

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