Masks & Blindfolds

Masks and Blindfolds

Sex is all about trusting your partner. When you wear a mask or a blindfold during sex, you’re really putting your full faith in your lover. At My Secret Luxury, we feature masks and blindfolds that can be used for sleep, or for playful, sexual surprises. Try one of our sexy leather or satin blindfolds for enticing BDSM play and focus on all your other senses–smell, hearing, touch, and taste. A blindfold takes all the senses to another level because you won’t know what to expect next! Find a fabulous blindfold for your next encounter at My Secret Luxury.

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What’s so great about being blindfolded during sex? The anticipation of what will happen next. We rely so much on our eyesight to pique arousal that removing it from the sexual equation takes the encounter down a whole new path. If you are usually quite conservative in the bedroom, wearing a blindfold may give you license to lose your inhibitions. If you blindfold your partner, you may feel more comfortable taking control. At My Secret Luxury, we offer masks and blindfolds in various styles and materials so you can find one you truly enjoy. See them all online at My Secret Luxury.

Feel Your Kink With Masks and Blindfolds At Best Prices 

If you’ve never had any sort of kinky sexual encounters, starting with a blindfold is an excellent segue way into another type of pleasure. You can choose from single blindfolds or if you’re ready, purchase a bondage package that includes a blindfold. We feature silky, adjustable, comfortable blindfolds and you can even use the mask’s ties as restraints! If you prefer, try a premium cowhide leather blindfold to entice your lover, or for you to wear yourself. Take your time—learn about your lover’s erogenous zones, acquiesce to your partner’s commands—a blindfold from My Secret Luxury can make it all a reality.

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