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Warming Lubricants

Nothing enhances a sexual experience like a sexy, warming lubricant from My Secret Luxury. We offer several different variations including vegan options, ones formulated for people with sensitivities and allergies, and those that are paraben and glycerin free. Look through your options of lubes and oils online at My Secret Luxury.

A warming lubricant can take a regular sexual encounter and make it special. By creating a warming sensation on contact, you and your partner can experience a relaxing intimacy you may have been missing. Find the best warming lubricants online at My Secret Luxury and feel the heat!

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At My Secret Luxury, we offer several different kinds of warming lubricants, including premium, paraben-free, menthol-free, 100 percent vegan products, as well as those that are latex, plastic, and rubber friendly.  Like your warming lubricant with a sweet honey taste and smell? Prefer your lube to be odorless and tasteless? Check out all the varieties of warming lubricants available online at My Secret Luxury–we have what you want. We also offer oral sex aids such as flavored lubes and more.

Make your next sexual experience intense, by using a warming lubricant that not only feels pleasurable inside your vagina, but also around the clitoris. Talk about heating things up! Use this slick, organic, premium lubricant for both vaginal and anal sex, or use it as a massage oil. Where can you find such a magical warming lubricant? Online at My Secret Luxury, the best place to shop!

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How about a lubricant that is both warm AND cool? My Secret Luxury offers a lube that starts off with the cooling feeling of menthol that gently warms up with friction, making it two sensations in one. Sound intriguing? You’ll find this warming lubricant and others online at My Secret Luxury, where we make sex even more fun.

Have you checked out the best-selling warming lubricant at My Secret Luxury? Selected by consumers just like you, our most popular products are easy to spot on our website. Visit My Secret Luxury online to view customer favorites.

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