4 Reasons to Touch and Play with Breasts | Tips for Playing with Breasts

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How To Play With Breasts

Breasts are wonderful but sometimes overlooked sources of pleasure. Some people orgasm from breast stimulation alone. For others, the breasts are just kind of there and no pleasure comes from playing with them. (Keep in mind: You are NORMAL either way!)

These differences in how people respond to touching and playing with their breasts (or having their breasts played with) are part of what makes breast play so fun. They’re all different in terms of their size, shape, and the types of sensation that feel good. Therefore, there is NO right way to play with breasts.

4 Reasons Why You Should Touch and Play with Your (or Your Partner’s) Breasts

1. It feels good!

No matter the bra size, all breasts have the same amount of nerve endings. However, some breasts are more sensitive than others.


In bigger breasts, these nerve endings are more spread out. Generally speaking, this means larger breasts can handle a firmer grip. Try holding them in your hands, lifting, and squeezing or kneading (start gently!).

For smaller breasts, push them together or gently bounce them. From there, explore playing with them in different positions, applying different amounts of pressure, and using different types of touch (e.g. stroke, lick, tease, squeeze).

2. It helps you and your lover feel closer.

Fondling, stroking, and caressing breasts causes the brain to release oxytocin, the love and cuddling hormone. This chemical, which is also released when you hug and climax, fosters a strong feeling of closeness between you and your partner.

Fun fact: oxytocin is also why nipple stimulation can induce labor!

3. It helps you spot issues early.

That’s right — breast play has a healthy side. The more you and your partner touch your breasts, the more familiar you’ll be with how they feel. This, in turn, makes it easier to spot changes and even lumps that pop up.

If you don’t touch your breasts often, either when self-pleasuring or during partner sex, here’s a great reason to try it! And if your partner already takes care of that, let them know they should tell you if anything feels different.

4. There are endless ways to play.

Tease them, lick them, squeeze them, stroke them, suck them, jiggle them, slap them, nipple clamp them, and anything else you can think of (so long as it’s safe and consensual).

Reach up during girl on top, around during doggy style or down during missionary. Focus on the nipple and areola (the colored skin surrounding the nipple), the underside, the side or that super sensitive spot just above the areola.

You could spend a year exploring different ways to play with you breasts and still have options!

More Tips When Playing with Breasts

What’s most important in your approach, is to do this with curiosity and a sense of fun.

When things feel good, keep doing them and remember them for later. If something is just ok, maybe try it again or in a slightly different way (e.g. add massage oil or lubricant, use a feather tickler or silky fabric, etc.). Try some nipple stimulating products, such as the Lovense Gemini Vibrating Nipple Clamp.

And if it doesn’t feel good? Be thankful that you learned what doesn’t work and drop it from the menu!

As with any sexual play, what works for one person might not work for the other. And what you like will probably change over time, especially if you’ve had children, gone through menopause, or hand any sort of surgery.

Always start gently and change up the sensations accordingly. You might find that too-soft touches tickle or that you can only handle pressure after you’re really turned on. With some time, energy, and exploration, you’ll know exactly what kind of touch or play turns you (or your partner) on and maybe even get you (or your partner or BOTH) off!

Written by Kait Scalisi, MPH, Director of Education and Training, My Secret Luxury