Do you find yourself confused around sex toys? My Secret Luxury's Sex Toy 101 guide can help. There are lots of different kinds of sex toys and here are some of the various types that you should be aware of:



There are lots of objects that vibrate, but only vibrators are meant to help you orgasm. Vibrators come in many shapes and sizes, but in the end, they are all supposed to help a woman orgasm. Types of vibrators include:

  • Clitoral vibrators focus on the clitoris. Most of these are external but some can be used internally as well. A smaller external clitoral vibrator is a good choice for a first vibrator.
  • Rabbit vibrators stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot. These vibrators were made popular in Sex And The City.
  • Vibrating eggs or bullet vibrators are as small as an egg and can either be used externally or internally. Their small size helps them target the clitoris, which makes them excellent beginner vibrators.
  • G-spot vibrators are internal vibrators that focus on the G-spot. They are usually harder and have a curved tip to stimulate the G-spot.
  • Finger vibrators are actually worn on your finger so that you can put direct pressure on the clitoris.
  • Wand vibrators are the good old-fashioned handheld massagers. Originally designed to massage your body, they have since come to be known to massage the clitoris. Wand vibrators can have different attachments depending on what kind of touch you like.
  • Hands-free/Wearable/Butterfly vibrators are hands-free and wearable vibrators that are attached to special straps worn on the waist or thighs. These vibrators focus directly on the clitoris.
  • Couples vibrators are to be used while having sex. Usually, one end rests on the clitoris and the other end goes inside the vagina focusing on her G-spot. Meanwhile, the penis fits inside as well so that both partners feel the vibrations.



Pulsators are the newest type of sex toy. They are NOT vibrators and do NOT vibrate. Instead they pulsate mimicking the back and forth movement of penetration. Some believe they are a mini sex machine!

Pulsators can be used both vaginally and anally and are hands-free. When using vaginally, we recommend using a Pulsator with an external clitoral vibrator to stimulate the clitoris at the same time for an amazing orgasm!



Dildos are penetrative objects that do not vibrate. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Choose the size that works for you. 

Anal Toys

Anal toys include anything that goes inside the tush. Since there are many nerve endings in that area, many people find anal play pleasurable. Remember to always lubricate (thicker anal lubricants are recommended). There are several types of anal sex toys:


  • Dildos can also be used as anal toys. They are meant to move back and forth to achieve orgasm.
  • Butt plugs are meant to stay put and create a sensation of fullness. Start small and then work your way up. Choose a plug with a base so that it doesn’t get lost inside.
  • Anal beads are a string of beads that graduate in size and are pulled out when close to orgasm.
  • Prostate massagers are specifically designed to massage the prostate. Some prostrate massagers vibrate for an added sensation.


Penis Toys

Penis toys include:

  • Penis rings are worn around the base of the penis to constrict blood flow so that erections last longer producing better more intense orgasms. Just make sure not to wear them for more than 15-20 minutes.
  • Masturbators are sleeves/tubes that provide extra ribbing and texture unlike the natural hand.


Kegel Exercisers

Kegel exercisers or kegel balls/ben wa balls strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. Stronger pelvic floor muscles not only help her achieve better orgasms by increasing the blood flow, but they also help with bladder control and pregnancy and delivery. Some kegel exercisers are hands free and can be worn throughout the day to help you exercise your pelvic floor muscles in a pleasurable way. Some kegel balls have weights inside of them that vibrate when you move, which produce a pleasurable feeling. 


If you have more questions about Sex Toys or any adult products, please email My Secret Luxury.